Azul Beach Club is proud to be Bali’s First Tiki Bar boasting its own signature craft cocktails. These Tiki cocktails are served in custom-made glassware designed to complement each sipping experience.

Crafted for the Island of Gods with handpicked local ingredients and premium Rum, Azul has added its own spin and twist to your traditional Mai Tais and Mojitos. Nothing is ordinary when mixologist Helmut Roessler adds unique Balinese infusions into world famous Tiki Cocktails!

List – CocktailsSensePrice
Tiki Puka Puka
Crafted by our bar team, an exotic drink made of Bali Tamarillo, Maraschino and Jamaican White Rum
Fruity & SweetIDR 100 ++
Bali Long Island Iced Tea
Everything that is alcoholic behind the bar with a hint of Coke
Strong & FunIDR 120 ++
The Island Nectar
Our tropical brew gives you the wish to remain forever on this tropical island
Fresh & ExoticIDR 100 ++
Mai Tai 2.0
A tropical tradition. Collection of 3 Rums with tropical love
Refreshing & StrongIDR 100 ++
Vacation in A Glass
Your dream vacation in a glass… sit back and enjoy a sparkling refreshing kick!
Sour & RefreshingIDR 100 ++
Naked Ape
An exotic mix of spices and banana liquor, served in the Naked Ape way
Sweet & RefreshingIDR 100 ++
Azul Cuba Libre
Captain Jack’s favourite made with our homemade Spiced Rum topped with Coke
Spiced & RitchIDR 100 ++
B for Banana , B for Bailey’s and C for Coconut
Creamy & ExoticIDR 100 ++
Our version of Espresso Martini
Trendy & CoolIDR 100 ++
Bali Bali
Welcome to Bali , we hope you enjoy your stay on the Island of Godsx
Exotic & RefreshingIDR 100 ++
Nusa Cana Coconut Mojito
Made with Bali’s famous Nusa Cana Rum, behind this Rum is 300 years of tradition
Sweet & FreshIDR 100 ++
Tiki Colada
The orginal recipe from Puerto Rico
Creamy & SweetIDR 100 ++
King Tropic
Feel the King’s presence as you taste it’s tropical goodness!
Fruity & FreshIDR 100 ++
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The Monster – Perfect for 2 pirates
Alsonown as the Zombie Cocktail… just 3 times bigger !
Big & FunIDR 420 ++
Tiki Bowl Sangria – Perfect for 3 pirates
This Tiki version of a classic Cocktail gives you just what you need to enjoy Bali
Fruity & RefreshingIDR 490 ++
Treasure Box – Perfect for 4 pirates
Found by Captain Jack, a delightful punch with fresh local Ginger, Azul Hibiscus Grenadine and 3 typs of Rums
Fresh & FunIDR 620 ++